Stain Removal Waiver and Disclaimer

You have requested RNJG Ltd trading as Rug Ugly to examine a carpet or item of furniture that has been stained with a foreign substance. You acknowledge that the carpet or item of furniture in its stained condition is of lessened value to yourself. RNJG Ltd trading as Rug Ugly has explained to you that there are variations in carpet fabric and dyestuff composition and that there are instances where stains or marks or dirt may not be removed with a stain removal process and where discoloration and/or bleaching of the carpet or furniture may occur. You also understand that it is impossible to test for or predetermine the result of a stain removal treatment.

With full knowledge of the above, you have requested RNJG Ltd trading as Rug Ugly to treat your carpet and/or item(s) of furniture in an attempt to remove stains, marks or dirt. You understand there are variables beyond the control of RNJG Ltd trading as Rug Ugly and you understand that RNJG Ltd trading as Rug Ugly disclaims any liability for damage caused to the carpet and/or item(s) of furniture as a result of any stain removal treatment or cleaning process. You agree not to hold RNJG Ltd trading as Rug Ugly liable for any damage caused to your carpet and/or item(s) of furniture as a result of any stain removal treatment or cleaning process.

Urine Odour Removal Waiver and Disclaimer

You fully understand that your carpeting and/or item(s) of furniture are currently damaged due to urine deposits. You understand that undesirable results may occur in the form of shrinkage, wicking, browning, yellowing or discolouration because urine is a complex mixture of ingredients. You hereby authorise RNJG Ltd trading as Rug Ugly to perform a urine odour removal process. You agree to the stated price for the service and you understand that there is no guarantee implied or expressed that all urine odour will be removed.

Upholstery Waiver and Disclaimer

You fully understand backing, lining and other materials and processes used in the manufacture of upholstery items may produce adverse results in the surface material when cleaned. You understand there is no way of determining when such results will occur and that the fabric may have previously experienced deterioration due to such factors as fading, shrinkage, dry-rotting, watermarking, browning, or loss of tensile strength. You also understand that occasionally a manufacturer will mark items with a black or other coloured marker on the reverse of the fabric. You understand that this should not be done and it has the potential to bleed through when cleaned. You agree not to hold RNJG Ltd trading as Rug Ugly responsible for any of the conditions listed above.

General Waiver and Disclaimer for all items to be cleaned or shampooed

You acknowledge that you have read the waiver and disclaimer and agree to the said terms, waivers, and disclaimers and agree not to hold RNJG Ltd trading as Rug Ugly liable. You hereby authorise RNJG Ltd trading as Rug Ugly to proceed with the prescribed treatment.

Exterior Pressure Cleaning

High pressure washing uses no hazardous chemicals and is environmentally friendly but for your safety please attend to the following while cleaning is taking place. 

  • Keep a safe distance during cleaning.

  • Remove all vehicles from the vicinity.

  • Keep children and pets inside.

  • Be aware that there will be cables and hoses on the ground so as to avoid tripping.

  • Wet surfaces may be slippery.

  • Please inform visitors to your property that cleaning is taking place.
  • The operation of washing machines and dishwashers or any appliances that use mains water may be adversely affected during cleaning as the cleaning machine needs a steady feed from the mains water supply for the duration of the cleaning process.
  • Spray from the cleaning process may land on surfaces such as windows and doors and on plants and garden furnishings depending on the cleaning tool being used. Also spray born sand particles may adhere to surfaces even after rinsing, these can easily be removed with a soft cloth when dry.

  • If connecting to an inside tap it is the customers responsibility to monitor that the connection is not leaking into the property.

  • Please inform the operator if there are any problems with drainage from your property or of any likelihood that water may penetrate door or window seals or drain onto a neighbouring property.

Things To Be Aware Of

If you have decided to re-sand your block paving yourself, failure to do so may affect the stability of your paving and allow early re-growth of weeds.
Some surfaces may require sustained treatment by high pressure devices to obtain a satisfactory clean. Occasionally the very high pressures put out by these machines can damage the surface finish of some paving or concrete and often remove any existing grouting/pointing. Some natural stone products are susceptible to shearing owing to their laminate structure. Pointing and grouting are susceptible to damage as are some Tarmac surfaces. High pressure jets can damage some wooden surfaces and a test area is recommended before work commences.

Pressure washing can contribute towards subsidence of paving in areas that are susceptible particularly where paving has been poorly installed on insufficient or poorly compacted hardcore. Efflorescence ( a temporary white powdery appearance) may appear on some surfaces.

We usually achieve the complete removal of grime, moss, algae and oil stains but the removal of mortar stains and other ingrained staining such as rust staining or discolouration due to chemical changes and some forms of deeply imbedded lichen staining within the concrete (particularly common on block paving and noticeable on close inspection, as small black spots around the brick chamfers) or fading due to age and the action of the weather cannot be guaranteed. We will only use chemical agents such as brick acids, bleaching agents, detergents and degreasers with the agreement of the customer and at the customers own risk.

The cleaning process will remove weeds and grass from paving but these may return if not treated with a systemic weed killer, Roundup for example.
 Please be aware of the above possibilities and that RNJG Associates Ltd (Trading as Rug Ugly) accept no responsibility should they occur and that cleaning will take place entirely at the customers own risk.
 You have read and understood the above.